Cities ready for sustainable mobility

Cities ready for sustainable mobility

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Madrid, Rome, Brussels, Los Angeles… which are the cities most ready to welcome one sustainable mobility composed by electric vehicles? Max Frankel del Center for American Progress recently published a report highlighting the progress made in the fight against Climate changes, an important step could come from sustainable mobility, let's see which cities are in pole position.

Sixteen cities around the globe have the ultimate goal of selling, in total, almost six million electric vehicles is hybrids by 2020. If this target is achieved, i electric vehicles they will represent 6% of sector sales with approximately 20 million electric cars and hybrids on the roads. It is sad to see that among the sixteen cities involved there is no Italian even if Europe is making itself felt. The sixteen cities are:

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Barcelona
  3. Berlin
  4. BrabanStad
  5. the Goto islands of Nagasaki
  6. Hamburg
  7. Helsinki
  8. Kanagawa
  9. Los Angeles
  10. New York
  11. North East England
  12. Portland
  13. Research Triangle of North Carolina
  14. Rotterdam
  15. Shanghai
  16. Stockholm

Among these cities, Amstedam, Barcelona and Los Angeles, have launched innovative programs to help the spread of electric vehicles.

Amstedam is a 219 square kilometer city where the average commuter travels 8 kilometers daily. Amsterdam is a very popular tourist destination among young people but it will soon be famous for another detail: there are currently over 750 electric vehicles registered but by 2015, Amsterdam aims to have 10,000 on its streets. Only in 2009, the electric cars purchased were 200 and after this success, Amsterdam decided to invest around 9 million euros in sustainable mobility. Having a'electric car in Amsterdam it is also convenient for parking thanks to the program Car2Go established in 2011. Plus, Amsterdam's taxis are slowly converting to electric cars.

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. In the Spanish metropolis, people move mainly on scooters and motorcycles. Currently i electric vehicles enrolled are about 400 but by 2014 this figure will reach 3,000 thanks to various incentive plans and programs for sustainable mobility.

To ensure the achievement of this goal, in addition to state incentives, a series of "Mobecpoint“, Charging stations for the diffusion of electric vehicles on two wheels. The city of Barcelona is second only to Rome for the spread of two wheels and, who has one electric scooter you can recharge it for free at Mobecpoints. In addition, Barcelona has launched a program called LIVE, a virtual platform that offers citizens 360-degree information about the electric mobility. This platform is considered the first of its kind in all of Europe, thanks to LIVE, with an application called Chargelocator, citizens will be able to locate the nearest charging station.

Both Amsterdam and Barcelona are working on a program of EV car sharing.

Los Angeles has more than 2.5 million registered vehicles, in fact 80% of the population travels in a private car. Currently, Los Angeles has about 2,000 electric vehicles but by 2015 the goals set will see a density of electric cars equal to 80 thousand units. A very ambitious goal.

To help achieve this, the state of California has decided to add a $ 2,500 purchase bonus, which is in addition to the $ 7,500 federal tax credit. Thus, those who decide to purchase aelectric car will have, between credit and bonus, an incentive of $ 10,000! The electric cars, in Los Angeles as well as throughout California, can travel on special lanes. The city of Los Angeles has started a project for the intelligent setting up of infrastructure necessary for the dissemination of electric vehicles.

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