Soccket, the balloon that produces energy

How about if kicking a ball allowed you to produce clean energy? In fact it is possible, there is a ball that the more you kick it the more stores energy.

He is the revolutionary Soccket balloon, thanks to which we can power lamps and small appliances: at the end of a match the ball is ready to transfer the stored energy. Not only that, it also works as an electric battery! Fifteen minutes of play are enough to power an LED light for three hours and the same concept is applicable to charging mobile phones.

The name Soccket derives from the contraction between two English terms soccer and socket which mean, respectively, football and socket. Sockket weighs just 75 grams more than a FIFA certified ball. 7,500 will be distributed in developing countries.

The game of football is very popular in African countries, why not combine business with pleasure? At the cost of a few hours of fun you get power enough to power the flashlights. The idea was born following a journey through remote third world locations. The creators are two Harvard students, Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman, during the trip they noticed how important football is in some underdeveloped places.

The balloon is 95% made with recyclable material and the batteries have the autonomy of 4 AA batteries, ensure the two confounders. It has a life span of three years, is waterproof and the pieces that make it up are assembled in the United States.
The led lamp is also sold with each balloon. Two or three times brighter than standard ones: the lamp was designed to reduce energy costs, increase the time available to do homework and improve the quality of the air inside homes.

The ball Soccket is for sale online on one condition: when you buy a ball, another is sent to the African populations.

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