Roskva, the electric motorcycle

Passionate motorcyclists might consider the electric motorcycles a joke of modern technology. They don't have a muffler and don't make rumbling sounds, however, the Roskva it could break into someone's heart. There Roskva electric motorcycle it is characterized by a rather angular body, a monocoque carbon fiber frame and a slender line, made even lighter by the absence of the exhaust pipe!

There Roskva electric motorcycle it is powered by two engines and thanks to its technology it is able to simulate the driving experience of a classic motorcycle fossil fuels.

In the United States there are several manufacturers of electric motorcycles, among the main ones we find Brammo and Zero Motorcycles. The trend of sustainable mobility has invaded the globe and also in Japan with Zeecoo, the electric motorcycle from 53,000 euros that would make any Western biker shiver. The electric motorcycles currently on the market they overcome the obstacle of speed with high performance but have several flaws such as the lack of a modern chassis, adequate suspension and ad hoc brakes. To make up for these shortcomings, he arrives Roskva, let's see its features:

Engine manufacturer: Lynch Motor Company
Engine Model: D135RAGS
Configuration: two motors connected in series
Front tire: 120 / 70-17
Rear tire: 190 / 50-17
Front brakes: Double disc, Ø 320 mm
Rear brake: Regenerating electric
Range: 100km

The two electric engines they have a total power of 92 horsepower and 80 Nm. The range boasts a range of 100 kilometers and the battery is lithium iron phosphate.

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