Green ICT and ICT for Green

Green ICT and ICT for Green

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The ICT industry can be greener and a driving force towards green for other sectors

L'ICT industry worldwide is responsible for over 2% of global CO emissions in the atmosphere, more than the aeronautical sector. Plus the growth rate of the industry Information Communication Technology it is definitely superior to that of other sectors. Polluting emissions attributable to the ICT sector are due to data center, at TLC infrastructures, to personal computers, peripherals and printers and so on.

In a recent meeting on the subject organized by Information Technology Club of Liguria (CTI Liguria) it was pointed out that the 90% gods Chief Information Officer (CIO) and in general of IT manager they ignore the extent of energy costs of the systems used in the company in which they operate, costs which, among other things, account for about 20% of total IT costs supported by the company itself.

It is therefore necessary to make the ICT sector more sustainable. We need a strategy of Green ICT. Green ICT aims to decrease the emissions of the ICT sector by reducing the energy consumption and the production of electronic waste, through a different and new design of products and systems, hardware is software.

However, ICT is also a fundamental driver for making it environmentally sustainable all other sectors, from transport to construction, from energy networks to production. A ICT for Green it allows not only the dematerialization activity, but favors the conscious participation of users / consumers / citizens, who through mobile devices is location based services, become active subjects in a smart city green and sustainable economy.

Today the ICT companies, both large companies and SMEs are expanding their own offering portfolio with new systems, new solutions, new products, new software applications. The ICT industry needs to focus on the most promising research topics, some already ripe for the market. And that it organizes itself in order to propose and develop these new offerings.

In fact, something is changing, just look around to notice it. Severino Meregalli, head of the Information System Unit of SDA Bocconi, underlined the following points speaking at the meeting of the CTI Liguria. The management and ownership of companies are developing the desire to make a contribution to the issue of environmental compatibility. The role of sensitive stakeholders is growing Green theme. You begin to feel the influence of new ones read local and international. They increase fashion effect is marketing. Interpretations multiply and the scope of the theme becomes ever wider ... perhaps too much

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