Cellular recycling

Cellular recycling

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We value our old mobile phones. It doesn't matter if it's the newest smartphone or an old Nokia 3310, it doesn't even matter if the mobile is working or totally dead. What matters is the principle: i electrical waste they must be recycled and on the web there are various portals that give us this possibility, among them, today, we will present you the celluval.

Guys! Sift through the drawers, the wardrobe and the glass cabinets.
By opening this hunt, I managed to find 16 forgotten cell phones. The boom in mobile phones started just over 10 years ago and with the advent of the color display, it was impossible to sell the old Samsung body, so it ended up in oblivion along with other unused phones.

Please recycle your mobile it is not a form of income, but it will lighten your drawers and your environmental conscience. The portal evaluate the old mobile phone up to 300 euros, of course, this only if it is a latest generation smartphone. For the mobile phones older, the estimates are tragic:
a working Siemens S55 is valued at 1 euro, not working 0.50 euro.
A Nokia N70 can be recycled with a fee of 4 euros.
A Samsung E250 for 3 euros, not working, one euro.

Unless you organize a cell phone collection in your neighborhood, the cell phone recycling it will not give you a way to earn but will help you to properly dispose of your old mobile phone which, too often, ends up in landfills among unsorted waste.

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