Carpooling, for sustainable travel

Carpooling, for sustainable travel

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Goodbye hitchhiking, from today we travel in carpooling. What is it? Thecarpooling is the new alternative to hitchhiking which consists in sharing the car with those who have to travel the same journey as we do. The carpooling it is a way of traveling that respects the environment and your pocket: the number of cars in circulation, harmful emissions and transport costs are reduced.

The carpooling in Italy
Carpooling is spreading widely in Italy. Just think of the first service of highway carpooling on the A8 and A9 motorways, the Autostrada dei Laghi between Milan, Como and Varese where the carpooling has already been active since last summer.

You can also search for trips or share a route through the site created by the Autostrade company,; the portal, in a few months, became the first platform carpooling in Italy by number of trips available. It is even possible to share a trip by choosing your car mates based on their talkativeness, the extravagant option is offered by BlaBlaCar. Here, it is possible not only to share long journeys but also daily routes for those who have to go to work, university or other.

A new site is under construction that will allow you to organize trips to carpooling throughout Italy to reach important events such as fairs, concerts, sporting events and exhibitions. Have you thought about how much you would save on gasoline or the cost of car maintenance? Motorway tolls and fuel will then be divided by the number of passengers with a small discount for those who make the car available.

Are there other specialized sites?
There are real onescarpooling community where it is possible to book the trip departing from the main Italian cities and small provincial municipalities with Italian and foreign destinations. BlaBlaCar and are two examples.

For those who want to travel outside Italy?
There is a multilingual site widely used in Spain, France, Germany and England, there are also numerous Italian users. The portal allows you to share and search for trips in Italy and Europe. This is

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