The tablet pc makes the company smart (and green)

The tablet pc makes the company smart (and green)

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The corporate use of tablet pc makes businesses more green? Today we talk a lot about the BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, which means using your device (PC, tablet or smartphone) even for work, with the blessing (and hopefully some incentive) from the company. But is this green? It leads us to green economy?

According to research from the analytics company IDC sponsored by Ricoh it would seem so. Given that even tablets have a environmental impact not negligible (materials, rare earths, construction, consumption), if used in the processes of document management these devices allow you to save paper.

59.2% of IDC interviewees (1516 between process managers and information workers worldwide) say that tablets in the company are reducing the number of printed pages and consequently the use of paper, with benefits reflected on consumables (toner, inks, etc.) and various maintenance.

However it is on the front of the process improvement that business use of tablets, supplied or with the BYOD model, offers the best. 49.2% of respondents are convinced that, thanks to mobile devices, their company could better respond to customer needs. 47.5% also think that using tablets would increase the speed with which documents are managed.

More than green in the true sense of the word, the adoption of tablets in the company appears to be an operation smart, in the various meanings that this adjective takes on in Italian: intelligent, cunning, positively cunning… and therefore inevitably green.

However you think about it, change is unstoppable. The adoption of tablet PCs in companies corresponds to what IDC calls the 'New era' of enterprise computing. As PCs revolutionized mainframe computing in the 1980s and the Internet redefined client / server logic, today the cloud, big data and mobile business (including tablets) are changing the way workers use applications and interact with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

The research showed above all that many companies are not yet ready to manage the impact that the introduction of tablets has on documentary processes. A high percentage of business processes (30% -40%) is in fact still based on paper documents or integrates partly paper and partly digital workflows.

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