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Ecofriendly laptops

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Over the decades, humans have disturbed the natural balance of the Earth Ecosystem. We now find ourselves facing issues such as i climate changes, air pollution, GMOs and many other more alarming issues. It is still not too late to restore some sort of balance but a change is needed to do so green, so companies and citizens should be committed to a more virtuous lifestyle.

If you are considering buying a new one notebook keep this premise in mind. There are on the market laptop designed to minimize them environmental impact. Let's see some of them together!

  • Fujitsu LifeBook, the environmentally friendly portable computer. With its production chain, it cuts harmful emissions by 15%
  • Asus U33jC-A1. The case of this notebook is made with renewable materials derived from bamboo. The monitor features a lighting system ad high energy efficiency and provides better battery life.
  • MacBook Pro. It is more expensive, it has an operating system different and in any case it has an impact on the environment. Among the "pros" we see that in its creation, materials harmful to the environment such as arsenic present on the surface of the monitor and mercury, usually present in LED backlighting systems, have been completely eliminated. Even the slightest traces of polyvinyl chloride have been eliminated.
  • Sony Vaio W Series. More than 80% of the plastic used for the production of the W Series comes from recycling. The LED monitor is mercury-free and the packaging materials used by Sony for the distribution of notebook have been designed to minimize their impact on the environment.
  • Gateway EC19C-A52C / S. A name that is a little too long for a sustainable notebook. The Gateway casts an eye on theenergy efficiency with a big advantage for battery life performance.
  • Latitude E6400 ATG - DELL. DELL's Latitude managed to get into the good graces of ecologists thanks to Gold Standard awarded by the Green Electronics Council on the EPEAT list.

When you think about the respect for the environment, probably the laptop isn't the first thing you think about. Choose a ecofriendly laptop it means encouraging companies to implement increasingly productive policies green!

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