Case for iPad? No more!

Case for iPad? No more!

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L'iPad has revolutionized the concept of "portable device". Lighter and more compact than a notebook but with an edge over the classics smartphone. The only drawback is the handling: while a smartphone fits in your hand, a Tablet it is more difficult to hold! Thus, Leo Garza and Martin Meunier solved the problem. The two designers designed one stand for iPad ergonomic and ecofriendly.


Is called Tabzu and it is a very versatile solution! It adapts to any position and can hold theiPad even in unlikely situations: while you are leaning against a plant! The gem comes now: even when the iPad is fixed to the user's leg, it can rotate 360 ​​°.

Tabzu it is almost free of plastic materials and is made of a waterproof and recyclable material. Tabzu it's not just for iPad. The designers disengaged themselves from all sorts of favoritism and so they made it Tabzu customizable and compatible with numerous tablets including Nook, Nexus 7 but also iPhone. Before going into mass production, Tabzu is on Kickstarter, on sale for $ 30. It is more than just a simple one case for iPad!


Video: Going Caseless. Should you go without a case on your iPhone or Galaxy. How to go Caseless (July 2022).


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