Water among the strong themes of Expo 2015

Water among the strong themes of Expo 2015

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Two documents signed in recent days by the CEO of Expo 2015, Giuseppe Sala: the first is the memorandum of understanding of the Milan metropolitan area which will allow 20 million visitors to quench their thirst with "mains water"; the second will bring Italian and international water service operators to the Expo. On the sheet also the signature of FederUtility (the federation that brings together all water service companies) and public companies of the Milanese water service, CAP Holding, Metropolitana Milanese and Amiacque.

With the memorandum of understanding of the Milan metropolitan area, the installation of at least 50 mains water distribution points, which will help quench the thirst of 130,000 visitors a day on normal days and 245,000 people on peak days. It is easy to predict 10 million liters of water, even if the higher consumption in the hot season is not taken into account.

With the memorandum of understanding between Expo and Federutility, on the other hand, the foundations for a cross participation between EXPO and the Water Festival. The biennial event, which gathers operators from all over the world, in October 2013 will take place in Salerno and in 2015 it will arrive in Milan, as part of the EXPO. The goal is to collect participations in Expo and agreements with national and international companies in the water sector, with European and world water associations, to address - in 2015 - the great issue of balance and guaranteeing access to resources water systems of the planet.

The agreements were signed on Friday 12 October at the opening of the conference "Milan city of water and land", Promoted by the same companies MM, CAP Holding and Amiacque as part of theInternational Participants Meeting. A meeting that represented the first of the steps with which the water service companies intend to engage operationally alongside EXPO, so that the issues of water, its sustainable management, resource enhancement, quality and international cooperation, are central in the organization of the Universal Exposition.

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