The autumn garden

What can I sow in the fall? Even if we are heading towards the cold, autumn can hold tasty surprises. In the autumn period you can grow many vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, red radishes, winter spinach, late peas, beets and aromatic herbs, all vegetables that will give us in a short time the possibility of having fresh vegetables at the table.

Thanks to their very short growth cycle, the autumn garden can be moved and filled with colors. Autumn is the right time to sow parsley, leek and celery too. What can we grow in pots on the balcony or terrace? Potatoes lend themselves very well to growing on the terrace, just put the tubers in large pots. There are many varieties of cabbage, savoy cabbage and chicory that do not fear low temperatures, why not buy small plants already developed to be planted immediately? We must not forget about onions and garlic.

Autumn is the best time for plant fruit trees: winter humidity allows the roots to root well and then have the opportunity to grow vigorously in spring. Before plant the tree it is important to understand your location well by evaluating some important factors: the hours of sunshine and the space it will need even when it will grow up.

For those who have to plant more fruit trees, it is advisable to arrange the largest plants in the south-east and the smaller ones in the north-west. Digging a hole 60 by 60 cm wide and 60 cm deep a couple of days before planting. To improve drainage it is essential to arrange 10 cm of stones or pebbles on the bottom, adding mature manure mixed with vegetable compost and wood ash on the sides and bottom. With autumn, the cold begins, so it is advisable to cover them with transparent plastic sheets for delicate plants such as oleanders, jasmine. From October and throughout the winter, flowering shrubs can be pruned.

For detailed information on sowing and planting in October and in the autumn period, I refer you to the guide article: What to grow in October.

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