Discover Talents: programs for young people and work

Discover Talents: programs for young people and work

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Following Fornero reform in Italy there was a recent increase in enrollments in professional institutes (+ 0.4% according to MIUR data). Another fact is the gradual increase in children's interest in the technology sector (IT and TLC) and in that of chemistry and biotechnology. In short, it is in the scientific fields that young people see their future most, which could be positive.

Certainly not positive is the fact that the Italians between 15 and 24 years old looking for work are 593 thousand. Youth unemployment rate reaches 34.5% against a European average of 22.8% (ISTAT data, August 2012). More than 2 million are NEETs (not in employment, education or training), 24% between the ages of 15 and 29, a figure that is growing from month to month, and 28.8% in the 25-30 age group (CNEL).

Added to this is the problem of the mismatch between skills required by companies is study areas of the candidates, which has as a consequence the Italian primacy of waiting for young people to obtain their first job: 25.5 months (44.8 if indefinite).

Fostering contact between young talents and companies is a green (in the positive sense) contribution to tackling the dramatic problem of youth employment in Italy. "In Italy it is often the young people with the greatest potential who struggle to enter the job market, not always able to recognize and enhance talent - he has declared Roberto Ramasco, managing director of Sodalitas Foundation during Discover Talents day which took place on 18 October in the Milan office of Randstad Italy –. To overcome this difficulty, all the actors involved, businesses, schools and public institutions, should jointly develop innovative partnership approaches that can give the most gifted young people opportunities for insertion and professional growth that are still insufficient today ”.

There Discover Talents day organized by the Sodalitas Foundation is certainly a green idea and this year involved 10 companies: ABB, DNV Business Assurance, Italcementi, Leroy Merlin, Pirelli, Randstad Italy, Sandvik, Siemens, Schindler, UBS (Italy). Each of these companies individually met a group of 35 young high school graduates and excellent recent graduates selected in the context of YOUTH & BUSINESS, the national program with which the Sodalitas Foundation has prepared over 22,000 students for the world of work since 2000, thanks to the provision of more than 11,000 hours of free training held by over 100 expert trainers.

The companies that participated in the III edition of Discover Talents they have launched initiatives and programs dedicated to young people and their integration into the company. Here are some examples.

The Siemens Global Enterprise Project (GEP), an international program aimed at upper secondary school students that starts in Italy at the end of October. The initiative will involve more than 40,000 students between the ages of 15 and 18 in the space of 3 years and is promoted by the ERT (European Round Table).

Leroy Merlin's selection and Employer branding paths, which offers new graduates a specific training course "Trainee Head of Sector" lasting 15 months, under which they can fill the role of head of sector, that is the first managerial role within the organization of a store.

Sandvik's company visits. The company regularly offers company visits both at its production plant in San Polo (PC) and at that of Rovereto (TN). In addition to this, it organizes courses on milling strategies with students of the Politecnico di Milano at its Research & Development Center in Rovereto.

Italcementi's Junior Engineer Trainees (JET) Program designed to facilitate the inclusion of recent graduates in Engineering (mainly Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Management) and in Industrial Chemistry to allow them to acquire the specific technical know-how of the "cement maker" profession.

Schindler's SCDP path. The company offers candidates a 3-day full immersion in the company reality, supplemented by an intensive course dedicated to the knowledge of the company and the issues / skills considered peculiar. The first year of actual work experience is called the phase of Kick-start and provides for short functional rotations in sales, services and assembly.

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