Paradigm, the house ready for anything

Paradigm, the house ready for anything

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With the Greenbuild Conference 2012, San Francisco has become a crawl space for architects and engineers green building, the city has hosted the greatest exponents of green building of all the world. During the conference, numerous innovative projects were presented to the public, among which a prefabricated prototype named "Paradigm“.

It is a house "modular"Designed by" Bogue Trondowski Architects "and built by the Seattle company" Method Homes ". Paradigm is a little gem of the green building. It measures approximately 65 square meters and is considered an authentic "green wonder", Just take a look at the certifications it has received with the recognition of 5"Petals " on 6 of the Building Challenge Living and the Platinum LEED certification. To obtain recognition of this caliber, a home must have excellent thermal capacity, in fact Paradigm can show off the so-called “Insulfoam R-28”, it is nothing more than a recyclable foam insulation, while on the ceiling the Thermafiber R-45 reigns supreme, also in this case it is a wall insulation.

In the house, the thermal points have been eliminated and among the materials used there is no formaldehyde or other particularly toxic substances. The house is clad in red cedar wood a low environmental impact and therefore FSC certified. To maximize thermal insulation, triple glazing has been used for doors and windows. L'energy efficiency can be achieved with savings but also with the self-generation of clean energyThus, on the roof of Paradigm, the American Solar company proceeded to install an LG system with a capacity of one kilowatt and four power arrays. In addition, a ventilation energy recovery system eliminates the risk of waste.

Inside the house we can find the same care that the designer has dedicated to the materials. The spaces are illuminated with a low-level LED lighting system energy consumption, provided by Juno Lighting Group. The appliances supplied in the house Paradigm are just as efficient, these are the LG Hausys line, including dishwasher, washer / dryer, refrigerator, induction hob and HVAC system. The Haiku ceiling fan could not be missing to counteract humidity and improve air quality. The furniture, like the wardrobes, are Urbanata, made in sustainable wood FSC certified and formaldehyde free.

This house has all the credentials to accommodate the perfect environmentalist and if all that we have described is not enough, Paradigm has a system for the recovery and recycling of the water used: thanks to Corgal tanks in galvanized steel and with a capacity of 5,000 liters, water saving is guaranteed. The water recovery and reuse system is connected to the composting system, everything has been designed for to support L'garden of the house, provided by Sunnyside. The Paradigm prototype is offered at a price of $ 249,000.

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