The pedal assisted tricycle

The pedal assisted tricycle

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Kickstarter is full of interesting projects. This time users have the option to buy (and at the same time finance) the mass production of a very special vehicle: a pedal assisted tricycle. The electric vehicle in question has three wheels, some pedals, a electric motor and gods solar panels. The electric motor it can be used both in cruise mode and to assist the rider while pedaling.

The Kickstarter campaign is almost over. It is still possible to win one of the prototypes of the pedal assisted tricycle but mass production will soon be activated. The electric vehicle is called ELF, it is perfect for urban mobility: it can carry a driver and goods (shopping, deliveries, materials of various kinds ...) with a large storage compartment. L'ELF it consists of a shell that keeps the rider sheltered from rain and wind, lights, direction indicators and mirrors.


The specs see a 480W lithium-ion battery that can be recharged by a Solar Panel 60 watts. The body of the tricycle is made up of 85 percent of recycled material, while the frame is aluminum recyclable and 45 percent already recycled. The vehicle's range is estimated to be around 50 kilometers.

The most interesting side is that legally, theELF is classified as a bicycle - it has pedals! - therefore no car tax, insurance or license plate required! Every ELF can load up to 350kg load. The electric motor has a power of 750 watts.

Soon, the pedal assisted tricycle will be mass produced. The company plans to distribute about 1,000 per month. Who wants to be a pioneer of the sustainable mobility aboard such a particular vehicle, he can win one of the first prototypes on Kickstarter, the price is 4,000 dollars, about 3.o50 euros. For deliveries to Italy, arrangements should be made directly with the manufacturer, Organic Transit.


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