Purify waste water with oil

Purify waste water with oil

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can he the oil be the best ally of water? Water and oil, yes you know ... they don't get along. Just take a glass of water and add a few drops of oil to notice that these are two immiscible substances; the oil, after a while, will settle on the surface of the water. When it comes to water pollution, there are many undisputed protagonists, however, a simple chemical trick could clean up the world's wastewater thanks to an oil.

The patent comes almost by chance, Anurag Bajpayee was looking for a better way to preserve human cells and was experimenting with glycerol and soybean oil, so Anurag Bajpayee came across an unusual class of oils capable of freeing water from contaminants.

In the United States, oil and gas wells produce over 9 billion liters of contaminated water every day. Up to now, for water treatment thereverse osmosis, a process that requires special membranes that are difficult to manage. In addition, this reverse osmosis treatment is not always applied and the water ends up in drainage wells.

THE drainage wells they are the cheapest method of wastewater treatment. To apply Anurag's patent on a large scale, scholars will have to find more convenient applications.

Anurag Bajpayee's experiments, which began with soybean oil, focused on decanoic acid, a substance commonly found in milk that easily binds water. L'decanoic acid it could make seawater sweet but its applications could focus on residual mine water or rising water, laden with chemicals.

Before singing victory, you need to do more in-depth research, laboratory experiments are very different from practical application! L'decanoic acid will it really be able to clean up waste water or desalt seawater? If it is not thedecanoic acid, on which solvent should we focus?

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