A new life for the Christmas tree

A new life for the Christmas tree

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The tree in the dumpster: here's the thing not to do

Spend the Holidays comes the saddest time for Christmas tree. If you have bought a real fir tree for the house (hoping that you have taken into account the advice we have tried to give you), and if you are lucky enough to have a vegetable garden or a garden (or a terrace or a plantable public space), you can try to save it by planting it in the open ground when removing the decorations. It must be said that the operation is not always successful, it depends on how much stress the tree has undergone, but an attempt is a must.

The first thing to do is get used to the tree gradually to the change of environment so that the transition from the warm and dry atmosphere of the house to the clear and cold one of the garden does not make him suffer too much. Take it therefore in an unheated environment, or under a porch, protecting the vase with straw and sacks.

The tree must be put in pain of earth only when he no longer loses needles, and eventually put new ones. During the transition period, wet moderately with 'rested' water and in the less cold hours. If you don't have a garden or even a small terrace, you can bring your tree to the special spaces that many municipalities use for this purpose.

By planting a public green space you will have the satisfaction of having contributed to the creation of that environmental green so important to improve the living conditions of the place where you live. In addition, you will have the excuse to go for a walk during which to check people if your tree is growing well.

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