How to save water at home

How to save water at home

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Save water it is an absolute imperative because water is precious and will be more and more so. The problem is that we are not used to thinking aboutwater as a scarce and exhaustible resource, consequently we waste a lot of it. This is proved by the fact that the devices in use in our homes favor it waste of water, and even the modification of behavior may not be sufficient to obtain appreciable results.

It may then be appropriate to install devices that eliminate it waste of water without excessive forcing. In the home environment, toilets use almost half the water and bathrooms and showers a third, so it is on these areas of the house that the water saving.

Toilet. Since the flush toilet was introduced in the 19th century, the mechanism has not changed. A normal toilet uses 9 to 20 liters of water (depending on the country). You can save 30% simply by decreasing the amount of water in the tank. We can also do it alone, without charge, by placing bricks, stones or 2/3 bottles of water, weighed down with stones, taking care not to obstruct the internal mechanisms, in the toilet flush tank. This will decrease the amount of water consumed with each discharge

Showers. A medium-capacity shower delivers 20 liters of water per minute. Consumption can be halved, without giving up the pleasure of an invigorating shower, by applying the various types of economizing devices available today: flow reducers, vaporizers and sprayers.

Taps. Depending on the water pressure and the type of leakage, a tap delivers 10 to 20 liters per minute, while in most cases it is sufficient to apply devices to reduce the flow.

Washing machines. Washing machines use 110 to 220 liters of water per load. Sometimes it would be cheaper and faster to wash your laundry and take it to a laundromat once a week. If you have to buy a new washing machine, remember that the types that can be loaded on the front use 40% less water than those that can be loaded from above.

Dishwasher. It has been calculated that by hand washing the dishes of 4 people in a basin full of water, 25 to 40 liters are used per day; automatic dishwashers, on the other hand, require about 60 liters per load. Running the dishwasher when it's not fully loaded will result in huge waste.

Gardens. The water pipes connected to a tap deliver about 9 liters per minute. For many outdoor activities, such as watering lawns and plants or car washing, drinking water is not required and alternative reserves such as rainwater or recycled waste water can be used.

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